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Why Go to Bible Study?

I went to my first Bible study because I was lonely. I was in my early twenties with two small children at home and was desperate to meet other women and make new friends. The offer for free child-care only sweetened the deal and I signed up, eager for a few hours away from children and hungry for adult conversation. I did not go to this study because I had a burning desire to know God or his Word. However, while I did meet new friends and benefited from a few hours away from the demands of small children, ultimately, I met God. And I have continued to attend Bible studies ever since.

If you attend a weekly Bible study of some kind—in your church, neighborhood, or community—I want to ask you why? I had the privilege of writing an article with my thoughts on Bible studies for the PCA enCourage blog today. To read the full blog post, follow the link below:

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