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Last night was the last night that I will have a son sleeping under our roof until Thanksgiving.  Both of my boys (I know they are men, but they are my boys) are back at college now and, yes, I cried the entire way home from dropping our younger son off this morning.  As we pulled into our neighborhood, we saw one of our cute (pregnant) friends pulling her darling two year old son in a wagon.  We stopped and rolled down the window to talk.  She asked how I was doing, but her simple question did me in and I started crying (again), only to leave my poor husband to try to explain that we had just said good-bye to our almost twenty-year-old.  After she and my husband exchanged a few pleasant words, we drove off and I wondered if she thought I was crazy.  But I just received this precious email from her . . .

As my little boy and I continued on our walk today after running into you and Craig, I began to think about what you guys were going through.  Dropping kids off at college has been a hot topic as several girls in our office had freshmen this year and all the emotions that go with it!  Well, before I knew it, I was pulling the wagon with tears welling up in my eyes at the thought of my son and his sibling going off to college.  Can you image — 16 years away?  As a car drove by, I started to laugh at my pregnant self and could not image what the driver was thinking watching us walk down the street . . .  

Don’t you love it?  I’m not sure what it is that God hard-wired into us as mothers, but it is powerful stuff!

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