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Updated: Jan 7, 2019

This is my first blog . . .  ever.  I had grand delusions that I would enter the blogging world with profound thoughts and sage advice.  But when I woke up this morning, I was lying in bed thinking about what to write (I am currently on vacation at the lake so I have the luxury of lying in bed and pondering :-D ), and it dawned on me that I wanted to write about a problem that my horse is having right now.

She doesn’t want to be "on the bit."  She either wants to be behind it or pulling in front of it.  For all of you horse lovers out there, you know what a problem this is.  If you’re not "horsey," let me explain.  The goal is to have the horse "on the bit."  When that happens, they are cooperating with you.  They are not fighting you.  They are in a position to yield to your leg, collect or extend, speed up, slow down; they are listening to you.  In the last week, as the trainer has been working with Carson, my horse has thrown several fits . . . big ones.  She has tried to run away.  She reared up.  She has been throwing her head — all because she wants to do things her way.  Until she is willing to submit to the bit, she is relatively useless.

Unfortunately, Carson and I share the same problem.  While hers is with a bit in her mouth, mine is with God.  I like to do things my way.  I tend to either be ahead of or behind what He is doing.  But as I’ve watched her throw fits, I have seen myself in her.  There are times I have tried to run away.  There are times I have stood up in defiance.  And like Carson, I am relatively useless unless I am in full submission to His control.  The good news is this:  she has made great progress this week and is moving beautifully, capable of more than we ever thought!  The same is true for each of us.  As we live lives that are fully submitted to the will and plan of God, we move and live in ways that are impossible without Him.  And we become capable of more than anyone ever thought possible!

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